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"Know Who You Are"

DYGNYTI Books specializes in literature of the African Diaspora.

Featured here are some of the most current titles now available including Anita Bunkley, Walter Mosely, Nathan McCall, Rosalyn McMillan, Valerie Wilson Wesley, Michael Baisden, Omar Tyree, Sheneska Jackson, Dr. Gail Elizabeth Wyatt, Earl Hutchinson, Donna Hill, Gwen Forrester and a host of others..
DYGNYTI Books offers a large variety of fiction and non-fiction African American literature in many different categories, including children, inspirational, teenager, cooking, biography, bibles, romance, business, self-help and poetry, just to name a few.

Below are a few examples....


An entertaining and realistic novel about relationships, fatherhood, and interracial dating from the man's perspective. A real page turner! Michael Baisden steps outside the boundaries to prove once and for all that men do love their children, cherish their women, and yes, even cry.

$22.95 Hardcover

Introducing Walter Mosley's new character, Socrates Fortlaw, a tough brooding ex-convict determined to challenge and understand the violence and anarchy in his world. This is sure to be another smash hit by the well known Walter Mosely.

$23.00 Hardcover

A new novel by the author of "Flyy Girl", Omar Tyree gives us a glimpse into the often mixed signals black men and women send to each other despite the fact that they're both waiting for the light to turn green. "A Do Right Man gives us an inside view of what many black men are feeling, experiencing, and thinking in love and in their careers.

$23.00 Hardcover

DYGNYTI Books accepts credit card orders(visa, m/c & AMEX) by phone, fax or e-mail. Please include credit card number, expiration date, and shipping address and a daytime phone number for confirmation.

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Hamden, CT 06514
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